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Based in Sydney, Australia, Lion Rock Films specialises in the development and production of high end, entertaining feature films for Australian and international audiences. Principals Warwick Ross and David Roach have built up a strong reputation over twenty years of original writing and innovative production.


Warwick Ross

Born and educated in Hong Kong, Warwick Ross moved to Australia as a teenager. He graduated from Melbourne University with honours in Mechanical Engineering. After attending film school at the University of Southern California he worked on Columbia Pictures, The Blue Lagoon.

Upon his return to Australia he was involved in the production of a number of feature films including the super-hero spoof, The Return of Captain Invincible, starring Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee.

In 1988 he joined the team of Yahoo Serious, David Roach and Lulu Serious, to produce the comedy, Young Einstein. The film was an instant critical and box office hit and the most successful film ever released by Warner Bros in Australia. It went on to achieve international success attaining number one at the French, German and UK box offices. Young Einstein remains one of the most popular Australian films ever released.

Warwick has since produced two more feature films with the same team, Reckless Kelly, distributed internationally by Warner Bros. and again number one at the Australian box office and Mr Accident released internationally by MGM. The combined Australian theatrical box office of over $25 million makes the production team one of the most successful in Australian history.

His current projects include the WWII drama Escape from Hong Kong once again, collaborating with friend and scriptwriter, David Roach. Warwick is also producing and directing the accompanying documentary of the same name.

Warwick has recently completed a European/Asian based project, Red Obsession, due for release in early 2013. The documentary explores how the fine wines of Bordeaux have become the leitmotif of power, wealth and influence.

Other projects being developed under the Lion Rock films banner include the comedies, The Untitled Bulgarian Project and One Bad Thing.

Apart from heading up Lion Rock Films, Warwick Ross is also a vigneron. His winery, Portsea Estate Wines, is situated on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula on the south coast of Victoria, Australia. His estate grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have won national and international awards.


David Roach

A graduate of Australia's National Art School, David Roach is best known as a screenwriter, producer and director. His most recent feature film project as writer & producer is the hit Australian WWI movie, Beneath Hill 60 for Paramount/Transmission. Nominated for 12 Australian Film Institute Awards including best original screenplay, Beneath Hill 60 has been described by Sir Peter Jackson as, “the best World War One movie since Peter Weir’s Gallipoli.” Released in 2010, Beneath Hill 60 received numerous international awards including the prestigious Sloan Foundation Prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival in New York and Best Film at the Savannah International Film Festival. It has been sold to all major territories and is due for release in the U.S. in 2011.

David’s current projects include the feature film, Banjo & Matilda, a German/Australian co-production for Lucky Country Productions Australia and QI Developments Berlin. Amongst the projects he is developing for Lion Rock Films is Escape from Hong Kong, a WW2 drama set in Hong Kong and mainland China. He has recently completed the international documentary, Red Obsession, due for release in early 2013. It explores how the fine wines of Bordeaux have become the leitmotif of power, wealth and influence.

Past feature film credits as writer/co-producer include Warner Bros, Young Einstein which he also edited. Young Einstein was Nominated for an AWGIE award for best original screenplay and went on to gross over $100 million internationally. David co-wrote and co-produced Reckless Kelly also for Warner Brothers and Mr. Accident for MGM/UA.

David has a continuing interest in non-fiction film. He wrote and co-produced the critically acclaimed ABC/BBC documentary, Singer, A Dangerous Mind about controversial philosopher Peter Singer. It was described by the Sydney Morning Herald as, “television dynamite”. David also wrote and co-directed Writers on Writing which was nominated for an ATOM award.

When time allows, David Roach runs master classes for screenwriters, novelists and filmmakers. A passionate and inspired teacher, David's innovative workshops often explore the way an understanding of music and the visual arts can give a deeper insight into screen writing and narrative structure.

David has also co-produced several albums including two in Havana featuring the Cuban pianist Ariadna Lopez.

David lives in Wombarra on the coast just south of Sydney, Australia with his wife, journalist, broadcaster and producer, Caroline Baum. Together they head up Two Heads Media.

David is represented by Kate Richter.
ph: (61 2) 9549 3000 fax: (61 2) 9310 4113


Escape From Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Christmas Day - 1941.

After 18 days of grueling, bloody battle, Japanese forces have overwhelmed the British garrison and are herding the shattered remnants of defenders into internment camps. Amid the chaos of surrender, a handful of men, including legendary Chinese one-legged Admiral Chan Chak and elite British intelligence officers, make a dramatic and audacious bid for freedom.

When, under a hail of machinegun and shell-fire, their small boat is blown apart, the survivors must swim for their lives - It is the start of an extraordinary journey deep into enemy territory. A story of high speed torpedo boats, secret collaboration with Chinese guerrillas and the courage and compassion of ordinary people. Inspired by true events.

Red Obsession

For centuries Bordeaux has commanded an almost mythical status in the world of wine as a symbol of wealth, power and influence. While its great estates have beguiled kings, emperors and dictators alike, its prosperity has always been tied to the shifting fortunes of global economies – as great nations rise and fall, so does the fate of Bordeaux.

Now, something unprecedented is happening – and that something is China. Traditional customers like the United States and the United Kingdom are bowing out as the Dragon economy’s new wealthy are pushing prices to stratospheric levels. This massive emerging market is seductive and voracious but also unpredictable. Will it be the bubble that never bursts or the biggest threat yet to Bordeaux's centuries old reputation?

A Dislocated Comedy,
Heartbreaking and Hilarious

When screenwriter HUGO BOOTH receives a lucrative offer to work on a project in Bulgaria it has all the markings of a scam. But desperate to kick start his flagging career and save his relationship, he accepts...

Jet lagged and way out of his depth, Hugo finds himself in Bulgaria; one time totalitarian outpost now the wild frontier of capitalism. Hugo's task is to transform a gory 13th Century novel about Bulgarian heretics into an international blockbuster. The producers want the film to do for Bulgaria what Braveheart did for Scotland. But are these shady characters really producers? And who is in control? By day two Hugo is in the back of a bullet proof Mercedes hurtling across the country being pursued by Russian Mafia.

A Dark Suburban Comedy of Manners

When the intense, explosive Harry Damij embarks on a series of murders, well-meaning psychiatrist Sam Bancroft and her neurosurgeon husband, Richard formulate a plan. Richard is desperate to raise his public profile whereas Sam believes that she can change wild man Harry from raging killer to regular guy.

Armed only with good intentions and a large syringe of valium, Sam and Richard ride the creaking elevator down into Harry’s strange and dangerous world. Harry wakes to find himself captive in the suburbs, a silicon chip in his brain, being fed beetroot juice and psyllium husk crumpets. The therapy starts to take effect but with police and neighbours closing in, how long can Sam and Richard keep their macabre secret?

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